Renewable energy has increased in popularity, particularly solar energy.

Once a small subset of renewable energy, solar energy surpassed wind energy for the first time in history in 2022. Solar energy’s installed power capacity is on track to surpass coal energy by 2027.

The United States Government is supporting this growth. The U.S. Department of Energy offers funding opportunities for solar system integration, technology to market and more. Individuals who install solar panels on their homes or businesses can also earn a federal tax credit.

With this increase in popularity, your affiliate may become more involved with solar energy and solar panel installation.

Solar Energy and Your Affiliate

As the reliance on solar energy increases, your affiliate may receive donations of solar panels to install on construction and renovation projects.

While beneficial from a cost and energy savings standpoint, installed solar panels can face risk of damage from hail and wind, including microcracks that reduce the performance of the solar panel over time.

If your affiliate owns solar panels and intends to install them for homeowners use, make sure you understand the liability risks to your affiliate and options to mitigate them.

We recommend having an agreement with the homeowner that requires them to provide insurance coverage on the solar panels while installed at their home.

If your affiliate chooses to install solar, consider these points:

  • Ensure panels are installed by a certified installer, as roof damage can occur during installation or afterward, if not installed correctly.
  • Be aware of state-specific requirements for installation and monitoring.
  • Schedule frequent inspections to allow for maintenance.
    • Clean once per year with distilled water.
    • Trim nearby branches.
    • Evaluate the roof.
    • Maintain your internet connection.
  • If your system is not working properly, contact the solar service provider. Never attempt to repair the system.

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Questions about Solar and Your Affiliate Insurance?

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