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The Increased Popularity of Solar Energy

Renewable energy has increased in popularity, particularly solar energy. Once a small subset of renewable energy, solar energy surpassed wind energy for the first time in history in 2022. Solar energy’s installed power capacity is on track to surpass coal energy by 2027. The United States Government is supporting this growth. The U.S. Department of Energy offers funding opportunities for solar system integration, technology to [...]

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Renewing Your Affiliate’s Insurance with Lockton Affinity’s Habitat for Humanity Affiliate Insurance Program

As a Habitat for Humanity Affiliate Insurance Program policyholder, you must renew your affiliate’s coverage each year. Because the renewal process is complex, this process begins in November and ends in April. Read on for what to expect during your affiliate’s renewal period. The Habitat for Humanity Affiliate Insurance Program Renewal Process: Renewal Application This portion of the renewal process begins in November, with renewal [...]

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Prepare Your Affiliate as Hurricane Season Arrives

Hurricane season is typically from June 1 through November 30—six full months of heightened weather risks. If your affiliate is located in a coastal region, it’s not too late to prepare your affiliate. Tips to Prepare Your Affiliate as Hurricane Season Arrives Protect your affiliate’s vehicles Affiliate vehicles are valuable assets and provide an essential means of transportation. If an organization is located in a [...]

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Staying Safe Online: Protecting Your Employees and Volunteers from Cyber Risks

Any person operating in today’s digitally connected world faces several cyber liability risks, including your employees and volunteers. It is important for all internet users to take safety into their own hands by understanding cyber risks and how to protect against them. Share these tips with your employees and volunteers to help keep them safe online.   Common cyber risks your employees and volunteers may face  While [...]

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ReStore Inventory

Habitat for Humanity ReStore affiliates manage extensive amounts of inventory, and with inventory comes the risk for inventory damage or injury. It is critical to review your property schedule and understand the coverage you have prior to a claim occurring.   Protecting ReStore Inventory To avoid inventory loss or claims at your affiliate, we recommend the following best practices: Avoid storing inventory outside—Avoid storing inventory [...]

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Manage Affiliate Contractor Risks with this Helpful Checklist

Working with contractors can be extremely beneficial for affiliates. But it can also be a lot to manage, especially when selecting a trustworthy contractor, preparing for a project and staying on top of contracts and documentation. To help affiliates manage their contract partnerships, our carrier partner Chubb created an extensive contractor management checklist.   Manage Affiliate Contractor Risks: Contractor Selection Everything begins by selecting the [...]

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What to Know About Workers’ Compensation and Volunteer Accident Insurance

Even with the best training and safety precautions, it’s still a possibility that one day one of your workers or volunteers could be hurt in an accident. Even a minor injury could result in a major medical bill, that in turn could lead to a lawsuit, which could become a general liability claim. Employees and volunteers are at the heart of your affiliate, so it’s [...]

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Cyber Policy – Trends, Exposures and Resources

If your affiliate was the victim of a cyber attack, how would daily operations be affected? How would you respond and notify necessary parties? What steps would you take to restore data and processes? In a recent webinar hosted by our carrier partner, Chubb, a variety of cyber topics were covered, including important information about the new Cyber policy, why you need it, how to [...]

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Improving Worker Safety at ReStores and Jobsites

Ensure your employees and volunteers stay safe and healthy by implementing these tips in stores and on job sites. Improving Worker Safety at ReStores Clean up any spills and wet spots right away, and place wet floor signs around wet spots until the floor is completely dry. Keep surfaces clean and sanitized to reduce the spread of germs. Have safety plans in place for emergency [...]

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