Staying Safe Online: Protecting Your Employees and Volunteers from Cyber Risks

Any person operating in today’s digitally connected world faces several cyber liability risks, including your employees and volunteers. It is important for all internet users to take safety into their own hands by understanding cyber risks and how to protect against them. Share these tips with your employees and volunteers to help keep them safe online.   Common cyber risks your employees and volunteers may face  While [...]

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Improving Worker Safety at ReStores and Jobsites

Ensure your employees and volunteers stay safe and healthy by implementing these tips in stores and on job sites. Improving Worker Safety at ReStores Clean up any spills and wet spots right away, and place wet floor signs around wet spots until the floor is completely dry. Keep surfaces clean and sanitized to reduce the spread of germs. Have safety plans in place for emergency [...]

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Affiliate Box Truck Safety

According to the latest data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), an estimated 538,000 large trucks were involved in police-reported traffic crashes nationwide during 2019. These crashes can be costly for Habitat affiliates. Consider this claim: In 2020, a ReStore truck merged onto the highway while following a vehicle too closely. They rear-ended the vehicle in front of it, causing a claim of [...]

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