Ensure your employees and volunteers stay safe and healthy by implementing these tips in stores and on job sites.

Improving Worker Safety at ReStores

  • Clean up any spills and wet spots right away, and place wet floor signs around wet spots until the floor is completely dry.
  • Keep surfaces clean and sanitized to reduce the spread of germs.
  • Have safety plans in place for emergency situations, like fires, floods, hurricanes, tornados, ice storms, active shooters and more.
  • Require proper footwear from employees and volunteers.
  • Review proper lifting procedures regularly. Ask for help if an item is too heavy to lift alone.
  • Report all workplace incidents to supervisors or human resources.
  • Regularly stock first-aid kits.

Improving Worker Safety Jobsites

All residential construction must follow the OSHA regulations, including Habitat for Humanity builds. You can browse resources from OSHA here.

  • Require all volunteers to complete the online safety course before joining on site.
  • Ensure volunteer waivers are signed and collected.
  • Hire employees that are good at providing instruction and supervision.
  • Always ask volunteers if they are comfortable with the tasks asked of them.
  • Encourage questions from volunteers.
  • Review power tool safety
  • Provide proper safety equipment, including goggles, gloves, masks and hardhats.
  • Cancel job builds when dangerous weather is forecasted.
  • Provide plenty of opportunities for water and rest breaks.
  • Encourage volunteers and employees to report any dangerous situation and all injuries, however minor, to the site manager.


Protecting Your Affiliate

With these tips you can help reduce volunteer and employee injuries. However, it is still important to have the proper insurance policies in place.

Protect your affiliate from the cost of claims of employee and volunteer injuries with coverage from Lockton Affinity’s Habitat for Humanity Affiliate Insurance Program.