Cyber Policy – Trends, Exposures and Resources

If your affiliate was the victim of a cyber attack, how would daily operations be affected? How would you respond and notify necessary parties? What steps would you take to restore data and processes? In a recent webinar hosted by our carrier partner, Chubb, a variety of cyber topics were covered, including important information about the new Cyber policy, why you need it, how to [...]

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Improving Worker Safety at ReStores and Jobsites

Ensure your employees and volunteers stay safe and healthy by implementing these tips in stores and on job sites. Improving Worker Safety at ReStores Clean up any spills and wet spots right away, and place wet floor signs around wet spots until the floor is completely dry. Keep surfaces clean and sanitized to reduce the spread of germs. Have safety plans in place for emergency [...]

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Top 15 Cyber Security Best Practices for Affiliates and Employees

Cyber attacks pose a significant risk to businesses, costing companies millions and ruining reputations. The tactics used by hackers are always evolving so it’s important to make sure you are keeping up. Most attacks result from a business and its employees being unprepared or underprepared for a threat. But by following the latest cyber security best practices for your affiliate can significantly minimize your risk [...]

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8 Tips for Screening Long-Term Volunteers

All volunteers help contribute the skills, manpower and enthusiasm your organization needs to succeed without breaking the bank. But long-term volunteers can add value to your organization year after year. While we would all like to believe volunteers get involved in causes and organizations for the right reasons, it isn't always the case. Your affiliate could be a victim of crime, suffer public relations issues [...]

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Does Your Affiliate Use Waivers of Subrogation?

Waivers of subrogation are an important part of commercial contracts. These waivers are agreements between two parties where one party agrees to waive subrogation rights against the other in the event of a loss. For affiliates, waivers of subrogation are commonly used when a subcontractor signs a contract with a general contractor (or Habitat affiliate) to work on a project. Commonly requested in professional and [...]

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Special Event Coverage for In-Person and Virtual Bicycle Fundraising Events

If you are planning an in-person or virtual bicycle event to raise funds at your affiliate, don’t forget that you are required to obtain a separate Liability/Special Event insurance coverage to cover the event. HFHI requires that affiliates have Special Event coverage with a $2 million per occurrence limit, including coverage for participants. Additionally, the policy must name Habitat for Humanity International, Inc. as an [...]

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Preventing Arson at Your Affiliate

According to a recent study by the National Fire Protection Association, an estimated 261,330 intentionally set fires were reported to fire departments in the U.S. This included 49,690 structure fires. Although 19% of intentional fires involved structures, these fires accounted for 86% of direct property damage. Risk assessment and arson prevention are the foundational strategies for protecting Affiliate property. Consider this article to learn how [...]

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Affiliate Box Truck Safety

According to the latest data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), an estimated 538,000 large trucks were involved in police-reported traffic crashes nationwide during 2019. These crashes can be costly for Habitat affiliates. Consider this claim: In 2020, a ReStore truck merged onto the highway while following a vehicle too closely. They rear-ended the vehicle in front of it, causing a claim of [...]

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ReStore Safety Tips for the New Year

It's a new year and the perfect time to review your safety procedures for the most common risks around your ReStore. Ensure employees, volunteers and customers at your ReStore enjoy a safer 2022 with these tips: remaining vigilant for cyber threats. Develop computer policies and procedures, protect your devices, enable software protection, install security updates, use strong passwords, and train employees on how to spot [...]

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