Maintaining property and prioritizing safety improvements is a good business practice and also keeps your employees, volunteers and customers safe and comfortable in the ReStore.

To stay on top of ReStore maintenance, implement routine self-inspections to catch hazards before a true safety issue arises.

Gather a group of employees and/or volunteers of different ages and abilities to examine your ReStore property for hazards ranging from loose floor tiles to burnt out lightbulbs and beyond. Document all found hazards or potential hazards and develop plan for addressing each.

ReStore Self-Inspection Safety List

Safety signage
Facilities that have clear and consistent safety signage see a reduction in accidents and injuries. They also minimize their risk of legal action should an accident occur. Download safety flyers for your affiliate here.

Proper lighting
Evaluate rooms and hallways for adequate lighting. Don’t forget to check outside areas, restrooms and storage areas. Replace low wattage and burned-out bulbs immediately.

Exit routes and emergency planning
Exits and safety signage are subject to annual inspections. Post signage for evacuation plans throughout the property. Remind members of emergency plans regularly and always share with new members.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
Replace batteries as needed and ensure your organization has enough detectors throughout the property to meet fire safety recommendations. Be sure to check your fire extinguishers’ expiration dates, as well.

Confirm that inventory is stored properly.

  • Do not store large, heavy items on high shelves.
  • Do not stack doors, windows and other large inventory so that it could fall on a browsing customer.
  • Do not overcrowd your aisles and shelves.
  • Be mindful of flammables or other items that require special handling or should not be accepted.


ReStore Safety Resources from Lockton Affinity

A clean, organized and safe ReStore is crucial for having a well-run operation.

Find additional ReStore safety tips and tools here.