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Self-Care and Wellness

It’s important to take good care of your body and mind—not only in the midst of challenging times, but every day. Between work stressors, constant news updates, household chores, family requirements and more, practicing self-care isn’t always easy, which is why many people place self-care last. However, self-care is extremely important to stay healthy, happy and resilient.

Eating right, reducing stress, exercising regularly and taking breaks are common elements of self-care. Read on to learn how to incorporate more self-care into your everyday life.


By exercising at least thirty minutes every day, you receive physical and mental benefits. Physical benefits of exercise include:

Mental benefits of exercise include:



Create and follow a sleep routine that allows for seven to eight hours of sleep a night.  A good night’s rest boosts your mood, helps you cope with stress and gives your body time to relax after a long day.


Did you know there are more endorphins in your gut than your brain? Ensuring that you have a healthy gut is an absolute must when working towards wellness.


Additional self-care tips


It can be difficult to set time aside for self-care, but it is important to do so. Try implementing these tips and encouraging affiliate employees and volunteers to do the same.