Don’t Get Tripped up by Extension Cords

Don’t Get Tripped up by Extension Cords
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We use extension cords all the time, and rarely do we think about how easily they can cause a terrible accident. Extension cords are a leading causes of fires and trip accidents, but both are easily preventable. Follow these helpful do’s and don’ts regarding extension cords to prevent accidents and injuries.

Extension Cord Do’s 

  • Use as a temporary electrical wire
  • Replace cord if prongs are bent, loose or missing
  • Use electrical tape to keep cords in place
  • Discard any damaged cords
  • Unplug the cord by pulling on the plug, not the cord itself
  • Run through dry areas
  • Use the correct length, rating and indoor or outdoor cord for the intended purpose
  • Properly store cords using the elbow, braid or over-under wrap

Electrical Cord Don’ts 

  • Do not use cords as permanent wiring
  • Don’t remove any prongs
  • Don’t use a cord with damaged or cut insulation
  • Don’t plug by pulling the cord
  • Don’t run cords:
    • Above ceiling tiles or walls
    • Where they may be pinched
    • Where they pose a tripping hazard
    • Where they pose a fire hazard
    • Through water or snow
    • Under rugs or furniture
  • Don’t daisy chain cords


By following these helpful do’s and don’ts, you can prevent accidents and injuries caused by extension cords.

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