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NurseLine Coming Soon

All Habitat for Humanity Affiliates that have an active Workers’ Compensation policy will have access to ESIS NurseLine starting on April 1st. ESIS, a division of Chubb, specializes in Workers’ Compensation claims. This new feature is a medical hotline that allows injured employees to receive appropriate care and start the notice of injury in a single phone call. In the event of an emergency, contact 911. For nonemergency injuries, contact NurseLine.

Reporting an injury with ESIS NurseLine is simple. After calling into NurseLine you can expect:

  1. The nurse will speak with the employee, complete an assessment and provide a referral for medical care or self-care.
  2. If the nurse recommends medical care, they will provide directions to network medical facilities and share pharmacy program information.
  3. If the recommendation is self-care, the nurse will attempt to follow-up with the employee within the first 48 hours. The employee can also call back at any time if condition worsens.
  4. To conclude the call, the nurse will ask to speak with the manager (if available) to provide them with the disposition of care and conclude the call.

Getting the injured employee in touch with a medical professional right away ensures that the employee gets the appropriate care. This will help keep claim costs down in the long run, reducing the Affiliate’s overall Workers’ Compensations premiums.

We will be sending more information in regard to ESIS NurseLine as it gets closer to April 1st, so be on the lookout!