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Prepare Your Affiliate as Hurricane Season Arrives

Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 5-11) is the perfect time to ensure your Affiliate has a hurricane disaster plan in place. Pacific hurricane season begins May 15, while the Atlantic hurricane season starts June 1. It is important to have a plan in place before the seasons start.

If your Affiliate is located in a coastal region, work on getting your plan in place by following these tips:

Create an emergency communication plan

The National Weather Service recommends addressing the following questions to create a plan.

These questions should be addressed as an Affiliate and shared with employees and volunteers.

Keep an emergency kit

Should a storm hit while employees, volunteers or customers are at your Affiliate, it is important to have a disaster kit with supplies like:

Know your local community’s evacuation plan

Always listen to local officials. If evacuation is necessary, take your emergency supply kit, leave early enough to avoid the severe weather and follow recommended routes. If you have time before evacuation, do what you can to protect your Affiliate’s property.

Protect your Affiliate’s property

Keep a checklist of measures to take if a hurricane is predicted, including:

Along with preparing your Affiliate, encourage your employees and volunteers to do the same. Join in on all the Hurricane Preparedness Week activities here [1].