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Addressing Walk-Up Volunteers

If a volunteer shows up unexpectedly what do you do? In a perfect world, Affiliates would only use volunteers who have given advance notice. This allows volunteers to complete the waiver, take the safety course and know when and where to arrive.

However, sometimes volunteers arrive unexpectedly, ready to work. It is a good idea to have a written policy in place on how to handle this circumstance. It can be as simple as, “Anyone who shows up an hour after work starts cannot volunteer”. Ensure all employees know the policy and how to courteously turn away any volunteers who arrive after work has started.

If you do decide to accept walk-up volunteers, make sure you have additional waivers on site, provide a device for them take the safety course and ensure they speak with the site supervisor or safety manager to receive instruction.

All in all, if you are uncomfortable with walk-up volunteers and their unpreparedness, you do not have to use them.