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Driver Guidelines for Affiliates

Your Habitat for Humanity affiliate has the responsibility to ensure that anyone who drives for the company’s business fits into the defined driver guidelines. If a person doesn’t fit the guidelines, he or she should not be allowed to drive on behalf of your affiliate.

If our insurance carrier finds that a driver who is listed on the Auto policy does not fit the guidelines, they have the right to charge your affiliate an additional premium and/or they have the right to exclude them as a driver under the policy.

Individuals who fit these guidelines below can be given immediate permission to drive for your affiliate’s business.

Driver guidelines:


Type A Violations:

TYPE B VIOLATIONS – all moving violations not listed as Type A
It’s important to maintain an active file of those persons you have indicated as drivers, including a copy of their personal driver’s license and motor vehicle record. This can be requested by the carrier at any time.

Please also remember to report new individuals you plan to drive for the affiliate to us. The information to send is their name, driver’s license number and state issued and their date of birth, and a legible copy of the driver’s license. You can send this information to us by email to hfhinsuranceservice@locktonaffinity.com or by fax to
(913) 652-3967.