It’s cold outside, Winter is here!

It’s cold outside, Winter is here!
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Winter is here! Now is the time to prepare your buildings and properties. This time of year always brings specific risks like frozen pipes, snow build-up and increased opportunities for slip and falls. We wanted to share some helpful hints to help you get ready for this season. Take the time to prepare your office, ReStore or construction site, and you’ll be able to decrease risk this winter!

  1. Come up with a plan! 
    Start a Winter Emergency Team to respond when snow and cold weather starts. Maintain a list of contractors to call when there is an emergency, for example, heavy snowfall or frozen pipes.
  2. Have your Heating Systems checked
    Over a third of all property damage insurance claims occur from frozen pipe bursts. So, make sure to check your entire heating system components (boilers, piping, burners, and controls) before any cold weather occurs.
  3. Ensure Proper Indoor Temperatures 
    Maintain your temperature inside to at least 45 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid freezing any pipes. Be sure this temperature is consistent in the building including areas where heat does not circulate.
  4. Keep Salt and Sand on hand
    Use salt and sand in parking lots and other areas of high traffic when snow or ice is in the forecast.
  5. Make sure your roof and supporting structures are in good condition.
    Most people only think to have their roof looked at after a hail storm or a leak. However, it is vital during the winter to make sure your roof can stand up to any snow or ice buildup that can develop over the constant storms and freezes. So be sure to always check your roof before the start of each winter. For more helpful information check out FEMA’s guidance here.

If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our safety team at


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