Does Your ReStore Have a Lifting Policy?

Does Your ReStore Have a Lifting Policy?
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The number one loss we see is from strains due to inappropriate lifting. Because this is such a serious safety matter, creating a written lifting policy at the ReStore is our biggest safety recommendation for affiliates. If your affiliate doesn’t have a policy in place, start with:

Knowing the basics of proper lifting:

  1. Stand close with a wide stance
  2. Bend at the knees
  3. Pull the load close and grip it
  4. Tighten stomach, lift your head
  5. Rise using your legs
  • Know what one person can lift. Know when to use team lifting and when to use mechanical lifting.
  • Take the Back Safety and ReStore Safety and Loss Control course at our website

Reach out to us for assistance! We have answers to your questions and can provide help in getting a written Lifting policy in place.

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