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Have You Done A ReStore Inspection Lately?

Did you know our website offers a Restore Self-Inspection Checklist? If you didn’t, now is the perfect time to check it out at http://hfhaffiliateinsurance.com/affiliate-director-login/ [1] under the Checklists & Calculators section. It’s a great reminder of areas that you always need to monitor and make sure not to relax on.

All restores should be aware that slip and fall claims are the most common losses we encounter.  The inspection checklist helps your affiliate stay focused in this area by reminding you to keep aisles clear, to keep all areas well lit, and have warning signs as needed. Make sure to keep parking lot areas clear of any hazards by routinely inspecting the curbs, car stops, and other items are in good repair. Making sure you have the proper warning signs in place to prohibit access to restricted areas is super important for your ReStore Safety. Create an annual training on proper lifting technique and you can limit your exposure to theft by having your cash register routinely bled off throughout the day.

We always think it’s a best practice to schedule mandatory self-inspections monthly in advance. If you have any questions or need more tips, send us an email at habitatsafety@locktonaffinity.com [2].