Ask Habitat Safety: April 2016

Ask Habitat Safety: April 2016
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What are your recommendations for the composition of an affiliate’s Safety Committee and its role?

In general, effective affiliate Safety Committees have representation from both Construction and ReStore, and include management, supervisors/house leaders, and workers. Upper management support is also critical to the success of a Safety Committee. In addition, if an affiliate is able to include a Safety professional from a local business that can also be a great source of knowledge and input.

Safety Committees should meet regularly, and some of the key tasks of an effective Safety Committee include: reviewing incidents/trends and safety-related concerns, conducting hazard/task evaluations, discussing potential changes in processes and behaviors, evaluating safety training, and reporting to upper management (which within an affiliate may be the Executive Director).

Effective Safety Committees are a key component in the prevention of costly injuries, and also the development of an outstanding Safety Culture within your affiliate!


Do you have a construction or ReStore question you’d like the safety team to answer? Simply send an email to We’ll answer your quesiton directly, plus use them in this column for the benefit of all affiliates.

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