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Restore Safety Focus: Loading Purchases for Customers

A hot topic among affiliates is the question of whether to load purchases for customers who’ve made large purchases from the ReStore.  At the forefront of the debate is the concern over potential for injury/liability, and how it should be handled from a customer service standpoint.

While the majority of instances where assistance is given result in a happy customer and nothing else to report, unfortunately, the risk of bodily injury, as well as damage to the customer’s vehicle, is present anytime a purchase is loaded..  In fact, over the years, the Habitat Affiliate Insurance Program has received several claims in this area..

Although you may not be able to totally eliminate all risk, your ReStore can minimize, or at least reduce, the chance of an incident occurring, while also fostering a safe environment  and placing priority on the customer’s needs.  your ReStore’s  staff* is sufficiently trained on proper lifting and loading techniques for large items.  In addition, ensure your employees have the proper safety equipment for the job, such as thick gloves and sturdy boots.  When accomplished without incident, loading assistance can make a great impression from a customer service standpoint.

*Avoid using clerical staff for loading, as this may affect their Workers Comp. classification.

Alternatively, if your ReStore does not have staff available to assist with loading, train your existing team on how to politely decline the customer’s request with a thorough explanation.  In addition, consider the following options:

Keep in mind that despite your best efforts or polite declination of assistance, there is still the possibility an incident may occur and a customer will make a claim against Habitat.  In the event of such a scenario, please be aware you are required under your insurance policy to report the occurrence to your insurance carrier (ACE) in a timely manner.  This generally means reporting as soon as you become aware of an incident – even if it initially appears that the individual involved is not injured  or there is no significant property damage.  Failure to do so could, at a minimum, have a detrimental effect on the investigation of the claim, and in some cases, result in a denial of coverage.

We appreciate your focus on safety at your ReStore, and in particular reducing the risk of injuries and/or property damage. For free training materials on the proper lifting and loading techniques, along  with other safety related topics,  see the Habitat affiliate website, www.hfhaffiliateinsurance.com [1].

Should you have any comments or questions regarding this topic or future ReStore topics of interest, we welcome your input.  Please contact the Habitat for Humanity Affiliate Insurance Program – phone #888-553-9002/email: habitatsafety@locktonaffinity.com; or Eric Allen, HFHI ReStore Development Consultant – phone #1-800-HABITAT, ext. 5050/email: eallen@habitat.org.