ReStore Loss Lesson: 6 Reminders for Moving Items

ReStore Loss Lesson: 6 Reminders for Moving Items
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Consider this scenario:

While moving a large, heavy desk on the sales floor, a ReStore employee backs into a pallet of boxes that was left in the middle of an aisle. The employee loses his grip on the desk, which lands on his foot, crushing his big toe. At the same time, the other employee assisting with the move frantically tries to hold onto the desk to keep it from dropping but suffers immediate back and neck pain from the weight overload.

As a result, both employees are forced out of work for a significant period of time due to their injuries and both incur significant medical costs.

The following year, the affiliate’s Workers’ Compensation insurance premium increases because of the incident, which in turn affects the affiliate’s ability to serve partner families because of the increased overhead expense.

This entire scenario could have been prevented! Here’s how:

  1. Make sure a load can be lifted comfortably before attempting to move it. Use our ReStore Lifting Guidelines as a reference!
  2. Always use enough people to handle the load.
  3. Be sure the paths of travel are clear before making a move.
  4. Keep aisles free of merchandise, clutter and trash.
  5. Use equipment such as dollies, hand trucks, and carts to ease the load.
  6. Don’t rush. Take your time when moving heavy items.


This loss lesson illustrates the importance of keeping your ReStore neat and tidy. Items left in aisles, even for a short period of time, can be a hazard.

Our online ReStore safety course featuring Steve Thomas covers all of the hazards you need to look out for in your ReStore. It’s a great idea to have all of your ReStore staff and volunteers take this course—it’s free!

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