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Timely Reporting of Claims

If an accident occurs at your affiliate and you file an insurance claim, there could be nothing worse than hearing the claim is denied due to delayed notification to the insurance company.

Important Note – Directors & Officers/Employment Practices Liability coverage for example is a Claims Made Form, which means a claim must be made (i.e. reported to the insurance carrier/ACE) during the policy term.work-comp-reporting-form

To help ensure your insurance claims are handled accurately—whether an accident or incident results in an immediate injury or not—it’s important to record the details of the incident and report it to the insurance company right away.

To help you effectively manage incidents and claims, the following forms and helpful information are on the Affiliate Login page of our website. The passcode to access the page is “Lockton”.

We have several claims-related resources on the affiliate website to assist you with easily reporting an incident, including: