New: ReStore Poster on Lifting Limits

New: ReStore Poster on Lifting Limits
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Safety is vital to the success of our insurance program, your ReStore, and your construction projects. And as we look back on 2013 and identify areas of opportunity for improvement, we are focusing on injuries that occur most frequently. For example, sprains and strains accounted for almost one-third of the Workers’ Compensation claims reported in the insurance program in 2013. Fortunately though, most sprain and strain injuries can be prevented if proper lifting techniques are utilized.

In an effort to help reduce sprains and strains, we have partnered with our insurance carrier, The ACE Group, to create a poster titled “WHEN LIFTING, KNOW THE LIMITS” that will be mailed to every affiliate who has Workers’ Compensation coverage in the insurance program.

When you get the poster, please post it in a prominent place inside of your ReStore. We also encourage you to mention the frequency of sprains and strains and make their prevention the focus of an upcoming safety training.

We’ve seen many affiliates across the county make significant strides in developing their safety culture and reducing the risks that cause injuries. To continue this positive momentum we plan to continue to provide the safety resources you need in order to reach our goal of zero injuries.

The safety videos and free online training courses available here on our website are great tools to help us reach this goal!

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Online Training Course Instructions

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Access Code: W8NAEBTG

Recommended Courses

  • You are Exposed: General Affiliate Safety
  • Fall Safety
  • ReStore Safety & Loss Control
  • Volunteering on a Habitat for Humanity Job Site

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  • After reading these instructions in their entirety, click on Take Training Course Now.
  • In the Employee Access Code box enter: W8NAEBTG and press Submit. This is the code for all Habitat affiliates and volunteers to use.
  • The Safety Courses catalog screen offers a diverse selection of safety courses, including four Habitat-specific courses. Course completion time ranges from 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Click the name of the course you wish to take. The course loads and starts automatically. When the presentation has ended you will be prompted to take a Quiz.
  • Upon completion of the Quiz, you’ll be given your accuracy score, indicating Pass or Fail.
  • If you Fail, you may log in again and re-take the course at a later time
  • If you Pass, you will be directed to a course completion screen. On this screen enter your First Name and Last Name in the appropriate fields. In the Location field enter the Habitat affiliate name you are working with.
  • Course completion information is provided to HFHI, the program administrator and program underwriter.