Top 5 Safety Focus for 2014: Job Sites

Top 5 Safety Focus for 2014: Job Sites
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job-site-Top-5-for-2014Our safety initiatives for 2014 are all about improvement! We want to help affiliates improve and refine on our existing safeguards by providing key focus points for each focus area. In each issue of our Safety eNews this year, we’ll highlight one of the “Top 5” for both job sites and ReStores, and give useful ways to implement safety in that area. Here’s an outline of our Top 5 for job sites.


1) Volunteer & Staff Safety Training

  • All volunteers complete online safety training course prior to volunteering
  • Volunteer’s tasks are matched with their capabilities and skill-level
  • Safety Manager(s) complete Competent Person training


2) Prevent Falls from Heights

  • Certify use of a proper fall protection system for all roof and truss work (including work performed by subcontractors)
  • Ensure proper ladder usage and maintenance
  • Utilizing proper scaffolding construction and maintenance


3) Guard Unprotected Openings

  • Openings in floors, roofs, windows, and trenches are properly covered


4) Proper Use of Power Tools

  • Nail guns are used by qualified staff only
  • Safety guards are attached to tools and tools are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions


5) Prevent Slips and Trips on Job Sites

  • Insides of houses and surrounding job site areas are free from tripping hazards such as nails, boards, construction scraps and power cords


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Online Training Course Instructions

Read this entirely before proceeding to a training course.

Access Code: W8NAEBTG

Recommended Courses

  • You are Exposed: General Affiliate Safety
  • Fall Safety
  • ReStore Safety & Loss Control
  • Volunteering on a Habitat for Humanity Job Site

Take Training Course Now
  • After reading these instructions in their entirety, click on Take Training Course Now.
  • In the Employee Access Code box enter: W8NAEBTG and press Submit. This is the code for all Habitat affiliates and volunteers to use.
  • The Safety Courses catalog screen offers a diverse selection of safety courses, including four Habitat-specific courses. Course completion time ranges from 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Click the name of the course you wish to take. The course loads and starts automatically. When the presentation has ended you will be prompted to take a Quiz.
  • Upon completion of the Quiz, you’ll be given your accuracy score, indicating Pass or Fail.
  • If you Fail, you may log in again and re-take the course at a later time
  • If you Pass, you will be directed to a course completion screen. On this screen enter your First Name and Last Name in the appropriate fields. In the Location field enter the Habitat affiliate name you are working with.
  • Course completion information is provided to HFHI, the program administrator and program underwriter.