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Fall Protection Loss Lesson: Roofing Systems

Post_roof [1]Fall Scenario:

A volunteer working on a roof is protected by the Hugs Guardrail system. While leaning between the top and mid rails, the volunteer attempts to hand a hammer to a co-worker standing down on the ground. The mid rail shifts upward causing the volunteer to lose his balance and fall to the ground. Fortunately, the volunteer survives with minor injuries and bruises.

How Could This Fall Have Been Prevented?


Who is a Competent Person? By OSHA’s standard, a competent person is one who is able to quickly and fully answer any questions or concerns that an OSHA Compliance Officer may have on a given subject that the competent person is responsible for.

Fall Protection Training: The HFHI U.S. Safety Specialist can help provide competent person training, upon request. Contact Don Hartle at dhartle@habitat.org [2] for more information. Also check our our free online safety training on our web site.