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Roof Safety

When it comes to roof safety, we’re predominantly concerned about protection from falling. In the typical year, 150-200 workers are killed as a result of falls, many of which are from roofs. An additional 100,000 workers are injured each year from construction related falls1. Habitat affiliates have also experienced frequent and severe falls on the jobsite. Over the last 3 years, the program has paid out more than $4,000,000 in claims relating to falls on the jobsite. We will continually monitor and address falls on the jobsite.

Most falls aren’t necessarily due to lackadaisical or reckless work habits; these are men and women working to get their job done. Taking just a few extra minutes to ensure a safe work environment can really make a difference. Even the best safety equipment is no substitute for common sense and good judgment. Follow the recommendations below for safely working on a roof:

Best Practices for Roof Safety

Following these safety tips can help keep your volunteers and employees from needlessly suffering a serious injury. Take charge, and make sure your volunteers and employees understand, and practice, these roof safety tips.

If you have any questions about this information please call the Habitat for Humanity Affiliate Insurance Program at (888) 553-9002.

1 OSHA Standards 2008


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