How to Safely Display Doors in Your Store

How to Safely Display Doors in Your Store
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Doors for sale at your store present a considerable risk if they are not properly displayed. Rather than loosely leaning against each other, doors should be held in a rack system to keep them from tipping, sliding or shifting in any way that could injure a customer or employee.

An acceptable rack system holds each door in place and should have a toe board to catch a door if it slides forward from the floor. The rack should also have a restraint – made of either chain or cord – approximately waist high and strong enough to support the weight of a door. The purpose of the restraint is to catch a door if one fell forward.

A rack system can be purchased through fixture suppliers, obtained (or possibly donated) by local businesses as they upgrade their own retail fixtures, or can be custom built by your own employees and/or volunteers to fit the needs of your store.

How NOT to display your doors:
  • Do not stack the doors against each other in various directions.  There is no easy way for a shopper or an employee to look at a single door other than to life and support each door.
  • There are no restraints or toe boards to catch a door that were to slide or fall.
  • This method of stacking presents significant risk for injury.


How doors SHOULD be displayed:
  • Well supported.
  • A restraint sturdily secured on the ends to support the weight and keep the doors from falling forward.
  • A toe board in place to keep the doors from sliding forward.


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